Gear Washers UpDown Tote made from upcycled down jackets
Upcycled tote label from Gear Washers
Upcycled down jacket tote bag made by Gear Washers
Inside the UpDown tote from Gear Washers
Exterior pockets on UpDown upcycled bag from Gear Washers

The UpDown Tote by Gear Washers

Regular price $42.00

Hardy gear made from upcycled down

Grab yourself Gear Washers merch while diverting textiles from the landfill! These versatile AF carry-all totes are upcycled from designer puffy coats the manufacturer deemed unsellable. They’re not only a statement, they carry all your sh**. 

If you know us, then you know we can’t just slap our logo on a piece of new clothing and call it merch, that’s just not our jam. Instead, we make small batches of cool gear from surplus materials that would otherwise get trashed or burned. 

Additional Information

Size: 23" x 7" x 14” *

Color: Black

Details: two exterior zipper pockets great for small and discreet storage, plus two interior sleeves perfect for a water bottle or perhaps a picnic wine bottle. 

Material: repurposed polyester and duck down, nylon straps.

Maker: this product was handmade in Denver, Colorado USA by the talented repairs team at Tersus Solutions. Tersus Solutions challenges you to think differently about your gear. They believe by working together, we can support a circular economy to drastically reduce the textile industry's environmental impact. Learn more about this partner. 

*Due to available materials, size may vary