We’re passionate about the outdoors.
Playing in it and preserving it.

Technical gear used to comfortably play in the outdoors is expensive and took a lot of effort and resources to make. We believe there are gear companies who have everlasting designs and use materials that will withstand a lifetime.

However, as humans, we stink and sweat. Add in the elements and our gear can start to get sad. But this gear is not meant to be thrown away after taking a good beating. We don’t want landfills to have it, and our wallets can’t afford it.

Whether you're not sure how to or don't have the time, we are here to take care of the revival phase of your gear. 

We use minimal water and the most environmentally friendly products to wash out grime and get your outerwear re-waterproofed for your next adventure. We do this to save the outstanding gear you already own. Your investment becomes ours.

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