What’s the difference between normal laundry and gear washing?

For the same reason you wouldn’t throw a cashmere sweater in with your load of jeans and tees, technical fabrics require specific detergents and cleaning methods to keep them in top form. At Gear Washers we’ve honed our process on how to efficiently and effectively wash your precious gear – taking the guess work out for you. When laundered correctly you’ll see a big difference in the look and performance of your outdoor gear. You'll notice more vibrant colors, and restored breathability and water wicking capabilities.

How often should I get my gear cleaned?

The short answer is probably more often than you are right now. Washing your ski jacket or tent is intimidating stuff, that’s why we’re here!  It’s best to wash your gear when you first start to notice it's dirty or loosing breathability or waterproofing. Sweat, dust and dirt particles clog up the pores of technical fabrics very easily and that grime attracts water instead of repelling it! If you want to look great and stay warm, a seasonal shape-up is a good start.  

As for down items, contrary to what you might think, our down-specific washing technique helps revive day-one loft. The longer down goes without a refreshing gear wash, the more oils and grime weigh down and clump those precious feathers. So yes, your sleeping bag and down jacket do need to be cleaned!

How do I get my gear to you?

If you’re in Colorado, you can place your Gear Washers order online then bring your gear into one of our Front Range drop-zones: Feral or Wilderness Exchange in Denver, Bentgate Mountaineering in Golden or Boone Mountain Sports in Evergreen. One of their friendly associates will ask for your name & online order confirmation number. We’ll shoot you an email in 4-6 days when your gear is ready for pick-up again at the drop-zone

Do you accept mail-in orders?

We sure do! Ship to us from anywhere in the United States and we’ll return your gear for a matched or better shipping price. To get your mail-in order started you may either email us at info@gearwashers.com or place your order with a note at checkout saying you’ll be mailing your items, we’ll then get in touch with our address and other details. 

Do you do gear repairs?

For simple rips and tears we offer a low-price option of seamless patch repair. If your gear requires a more complicated repair or hefty makeover, we can absolutely facilitate that. The best way to get a gear repair quote rolling is to email us at info@gearwashers.com

Can you explain the add-on services?

All add-on services (grime-removal, seamless patch repair and re-waterprooing) must be combined with a washing treatment for your item(s). Grime removal is best purchased when you have gear with stains – we put in extra time lifting deep spots and spills. Seamless patch repairing is great for small rips or tears in your gear or apparel. We use a heavy-duty seamless patch material that’ll withstand future washings and harsh conditions. Re-waterproofing is our most popular add-on service because it restores your outerwear to near new. Your gear is made to keep you dry and warm in the elements, so help keep that gear working to its optimum.

When will I get my gear back?

Our typical turnaround is 4-6 days including weekend days. We will always communicate if we think your order will take longer than that.

What is ski skin proofing?

If you’re a backcountry skier or boarder, or just like skinning in general, there is a way to keep those hard working skins in tip top shape. Our skin proofing elixir improves glide while keeping ice and snow from chunking up on your way uphill. We wouldn’t offer this service if we ourselves didn’t think it was highly worth it. Once or twice a season is all you need!

What’s DWR and do you use it for re-waterproofing gear?

More often than not your ski jacket or snowboard pants were designed with an outer coating called DWR (durable water repellent). This finish allows moisture to bead up rather than soak in. Even though they put the word “durable” in DWR, your highly technical kit has maybe one well-used season before waterproofing degrades. However, most DWR products are not great for you or for the planet.

At Gear Washers we do NOT use harmful chemicals to restore the water repellency in your jacket. Instead we use a water-based, VOC and PFC free solution. In short this means we aren’t polluting the water and your clothing will not be coated in toxic chemicals.

Wait, toxins in my jacket?!

Although textile chemistry is improving, many DWR coatings on your water repellent outerwear contain PFCs or perfluorinated compounds. PFC is a general term for a family of hundreds of "forever chemicals" including the one's you've probably heard of: PFAS and PFOS. Deemed "forever" chemicals because they persist in our environment indefinitely. Toxicologists have studied the deleterious effects of PFCs including links to cancers, harm to the immune system, development in children and reproductive health. 

We'll state again, we DO NOT use any form of PFCs in our washing and re-waterproofing processes. 

What really makes you an eco-friendly business?

The very idea of opting to bring your tent or sleeping bag to Gear Washers is one way in which our company makes environmental sense – we help keep good gear from going into our landfills. Our process is the next step. We boast minimal water usage – our washing machine is calibrated for each individual load, making sure only enough water is used. Our detergents don’t contain propellant gases or fluorocarbons, are low-impact on the environment (water-based and biodegradable), and packaging is 100% recyclable.

 What's your role in the "circular economy"?

As opposed to the linear economy, where your products go from the earth to the landfill, a circular economy is one in which we keep using what's already been made out of our planet's precious materials. Gear Washers is a circular economy company because wearing what you already own (or something pre-owned) is the most sustainable way to go.

Does Gear Washers sell gift cards?

Gear Washers sells gift cards that are redeemable for purchases at www.gearwashers.com. Learn more and purchase here.

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