All items are washed with environmentally-friendly detergents that are formulated specifically for technical fabrics. Even better, these detergents are also completely harm-free for your skin. We know you use your gear profusely which is why we will never scrimp on safety or environmental consciousness. 

Hardshell, Insulted or Micropuff Jacket - $25

Probably your most beloved garment in your gear closet. Washing your jacket will clear the fabric's pores of dirt, sweat and grime, while also improving the vibrancy of the color. 

Hardshell or Insulated Pants or Bibs - $25

We'll use targeted detergents based on the material of your fancy pants. Washing improves the vibrancy of your pants while clearing the synthetic fabric pores of dirt, sweat and grime.

One Piece Ski Suit - $45

Heck yeah we'll wash your righteous one-piece (go you!). Washing improves the vibrancy of your kit while clearing the synthetic fabric pores of dirt, sweat and grime.

Down Jacket - $34

You love getting down with down. With this washing you'll see improved color vibrancy, restored loft and water repellency. Puff on that!

Softshell, Micropuff or Down Vest - $20

Vest life is the best life! You'll see improved color vibrancy and water repellency in all materials, and added loft in natural or synthetic down items.

Sleeping Bag - $40

Whether natural or synthetic down, we'll treat those feathers right. Plus you'll notice a brighter color and more fluff!

Tent + Rainfly - $50-$70

Washing, re-waterproofing and UV solar proofing your trusty tent and rain fly. Washing will remove tiny dirt particles and restore color vibrancy, waterproofing will make water bead up like no other, and UV solar proofing will extend the life of your tent by strengthening fabric and protecting it from harsh rays. We bundle all these great features into one price because you deserve a tent that can last weeks under harsh conditions. 

Nylon Hammock - $18

Swing easy knowing you're in a clean, colorful hammock. We'll wash plus add in UV solar proofing to improve the tensile strength of the fabric. 

Fanny Packs & Backpacks - $18-$40

Washing for your synthetic or waxed cotton, non-structured backpack, fanny pack or briefcase. Depending on the material, we'll use the right formula to get your pack squeaky clean.

*We know you want to get your hardy backpacking pack in for a proper cleaning. We will soon be taking orders for structured packs, so check back soon!

Skin Proofing - $18

Nope we're not talking about SPF. Proofing your snow skins improves glide by keeping moisture from soaking through and ice from building up. Keep your skins healthier longer and the planet happy with our bio-degradable, water-based solution.

Dog Pack - $18

Because we wouldn't even think to go on an adventure without our pup, we will wash your doggy gear too! Every product we use contains zero harmful chemicals so you can be sure kibble is kept safe and healthy. 

Add-On Treatments

Deep Stain Removal - $10

Chairlift grease stains harshing our swagger? Or just rolled around in the hay (we mean dirt) a few too many times? No prob, we'll spend extra time getting out those deep-set stains you never quite got used to. 

*For safety reasons, please understand that we cannot accept items contaminated with poison oak or animal urine. Gracias!

Re-Waterproofing - $10 

Much of your gear's waterproofing will be restored with washing alone, but if you use your stuff extensively in wet or snowy conditions we highly recommend adding an extra waterproof treatment. This step will keep you dryer and your gear lasting even longer. 


Ready to wash your gear?!

Email for convenient pick-up & drop-off in the Denver area or for USA mail-in.