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What is Gear Washers?

Gear Washers is a technical gear restoring company in Denver. We safely launder synthetic and down apparel and outdoor gear items plus re-waterproof materials that require it. We do this work with high efficiency washing machines, conservative water use and the most eco and effective detergents on the market.

We're around to help keep your gear around.

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How to Make an Order

Are you in Colorado? Great, let's get started.

1. Place an order through the orders page.

2. Drop off your gear at FERAL - 3936 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212. One of their friendly associates will ask for your name & confirmation number.

3. You will get a notification once your gear is clean. (Typical turnaround is 4-6 days).

4. Pick up at FERAL and adventure on!

email for questions.

Not in Colorado? We accept mail-in items nationally! Use the email address above to inquire.